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TransVault for Google will make moving your legacy email archives into to Google's email and/or email archiving platform (Google Workplace Vault) both efficient and comprehensive.

Using TransVault for Google, your chosen migration partner can analyze your existing legacy archive, enabling you to perform a fully audited and selective migration into Google's cloud. 

For example, you might decide to move only 'live' user mailboxes or the last 6 year's worth of data.

TransVault Migrator enables organizations to ingest large volumes of legacy archived data directly across the network into the Google platform with no need for interim PST files.

This ensures vital chain-of-custody along with a full audit trail for every item moved enabling you to meet compliance needs.

TransVault also delivers a seamless experience for end users, for example, mapping existing folders onto the equivalent 'labels' in Google.

           TransVault Migrator for Google

TransVault™ Migrator for Google is a Microsoft Windows-based application that enables legacy email archives to be quickly, intelligently and securely migrated to Google’s email and email archive service.