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Paradise Canyon Systems, Inc.

Provides information and data management technical solutions to our clients and customers to solve business level issues.  Paradise Canyon engages with our clients as a partner to help them succeed, and acts as an advocate on their behalf to technology vendors to deliver solutions that are effective in technology excellence and cost control.

Paradise Canyon realizes that a focus on specific areas of expertise leads to our clients success and our success.  The areas of solution focus center on loosely structured and unstructured information assets and solutions for managing;

  • E-Mail
  • Files stored on centralized shares and distributed stores
  • SharePoint content in active and inactive sites and farms

These three areas of focus allows Paradise Canyon to encompass numerous technical products to expand the solution capabilities and expertise of Paradise Canyon.  This allows for a broad technical basis and knowledge of a full range of data center solutions but as applied to the solution areas of core capabilities.

Paradise Canyon will continue to innovate and investigate new technology and products as technology vendors bring new products to the information technology market.  New offerings will build on the core competencies of Paradise Canyon and allow for organic growth of offerings to the advantage of our clients.