Migration of data

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At some point, data will be migrated for any number of reasons ranging from technology obsolescence, capacity and resource growth, to corporate mergers and spinoffs. 

Changing a storage or archive platform can require significant planning and time to complete (a 100GByte file folder copy for one user becomes very different than a 10TByte or 100TByte archive migration affecting thousands of users). 

Migration solutions must take into account;

  • Millions (or more) of file records 
  • Numerous security and rights settings
  • Auditing the integrity of the data being moved
  • Ensure that all data to be moved is moved, and if data is not moved must prove why it was not
  • A provable chain of custody to prove that ownership and rights between the source and target are maintained

The migration solutions that Paradise Canyon use connect to various combinations of data sources and targets to control the migration of data to the target. Migrations that Paradise Canyon have performed for our clients that have encompassed;

  • File, file system and folder moves
  • Storage platform changes and upgrades
  • Archive migrations
    • Premise to premise
    • Premise to cloud
    • Cloud to premise
    • Cloud to cloud
  • Content management migrations
  • Solution replacements

​​​Data Archive

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The leading technologies used for collaboration, communication, and sharing of data, are also the most common sources that are considered for archiving;

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Windows File shares

Active corporate archive solutions (such as SourceOne, or Enterprise Vault) are used to;

  • Capture and contain data from sources
  • Enable management of loosely structured data sources
  • Allow for enacting corporate governance control of data

Archive services are designed to;

  • Scan defined source locations and users for data that matches policies and rules
  • Pull and collect data into the archive that match policies
  • Appropriately place shortcuts/pointers in the original location to the archived content
  • Define and enforce retention disposition policies on archived data
  • Enforce control over the life of data under archive
  • Enable corporate level search and classification capabilities on data for general research as well as for legal needs

Comprehensive Solution Approach

Data protection must be considered for any organization in business today.  Paradise Canyon Systems, Inc. is a proven expert in deploying and migrating between various archive solutions, and in deploying complete data protection solutions for backup and recovery operations.  Paradise Canyon is proud to partner with leading technology providers on the market today for archiving (such as DellEMC SourceOne or Vertitas Enterprise Vault), with leading migration solutions (such as TransVault, QuadroTech, Seven7, and Data Trust Solutions), and for world class backup and recovery solutions (such as DellEMC Networker, Data Domain, an Avamar).  Paradise Canyon is well positioned to help you navigate to a successful solution deployment for archiving, migration, and backup/recovery.

Any archive, migration, and backup must carefully consider;

  • The source of the data to be worked with
  • The volume and frequency of data to be managed
  • How will that data be moved and managed
  • The length of time the solution must operate
  • What the end result target must be. 

Solutions for archives, migrations, and backup require an understanding of;

  • Internal policies and external regulations that will define how the solution is deployed and managed
  • Infrastructure and interconnectivity of the various components and services
  • End-to-end management of the data from source to target
  • What the end-user experience must be. 

There will be additional factors and influences that will need to be discovered and considered for a complete solution approach, and Paradise Canyon will provide the expertise to deliver the solution.

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Backup and Recovery

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All important data must be;

  • Sufficiently protected for purposes of business continuity
  • Rapidly and efficiently recoverable from data loss events such as accidental deletions and storage failures. 

Rapid and verifiable recovery of data is a core function to be performed and must be a key focus of any backup and recovery solution.  Any part of the backup and recovery process that can be improved should be, especially around quality of the data and speed of restoration. 

Paradise Canyon is partnered with DellEMC as the leading firm providing data protection.  The key solutions of Avamar, Data Domain, and Networker can be deployed separately or in combinations to ensure that;

  • Data is backed up
  • Appropriately validated for accuracy and replicated for redundancy
  • Provides the most responsive means necessary to restore data
  • Ensure your business is rapidly back in operation after a recovery event. 

While there is potential overlap with an archive solution, it is critical to point out that backup and recovery is distinctly different and fulfills a very different purpose than an archive solution.