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With a deep background in delivering content management, archive solutions, complex data migrations, and a proven track record in project delivery (from planning and management to execution and completion), Paradise Canyon specializes in solutions to help contain and control unstructured data to enable organizations to;

  • Gain control and understanding of where information assets are stored
  • Determine corporate and legal oversight management controls and policies
  • Enforce effective retention and disposition management on information assets throughout an organization
  • Gain a competitive for organizational and legal responsiveness to queries and searches for information
  • Enable users to leverage information and intellectual assets more productively
  • Collect data to an archive for containment and management
  • Migrate between archives or storage platforms when needed

How do we help you?

Paradise Canyon can help guide you through the paths of;

  • Assessing organizational and user needs
  • Architecting and deploying a solution
  • Enacting protection of assets
  • Enabling user access and organizational leverage

Paradise Canyon Systems, Inc. (Paradise Canyon ) is an established and progressive provider of services and technology to deliver effective solutions centered on;

  • Email, File, and SharePoint content capture into archive containment solutions
  • Migration of data from an archive solution or storage platform to another archive or storage service
  • Content and Workflow Management solutions
  • Delivering cost effective and operationally productive solutions and services to enable your organization to be more competitive in your respective market(s)

Paradise Canyon brings over 20 years of sales and engineering expertise to the market. With an earned reputation at the enterprise level for quality Project Management, Paradise Canyon is renowned for successful project scoping, management, and delivery execution.  The team at Paradise Canyon is ready to listen to your needs, help you formulate or tune a strategy, and with our technical expertise make project execution seamless and successful.


Our Clients need rapid delivery of effective solutions to make an impact on business operations.

Paradise Canyon delivers on this core principal by;

  1. Partnering with our clients and be an advocate on their behalf to technology developers
  2. Being aggressive with our vendor partners to bring cost efficiencies to our clients
  3. Researching technology to bring compelling and effective solutions to our clients
  4. Continuing education of technical and sales staff on new technologies, business strategies, and project and business management


To deliver on a strategy, tactical Products and Services are needed.  Paradise Canyon has successfully delivered numerous solutions to our clients that include (but not limited to);

  • DellEMC SourceOne design, deployment, and ongoing management and support services
    • As a designated DellEMC Tier 1 Support provider, Paradise Canyon can provide complete services from concept to production support of your SourceOne deployment
    • DellEMC EmailXtender expertise to retire and migrate to a new archive
  • Veritas Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault.Cloud solution design, implementation, management, support, upgrades, and migrations to and from Enterprise Vault.
  • End-to-End Migration between archive solutions and storage platforms
  • Email Platform migrations and upgrades (including Exchange)
  • Microsoft 365 implementation and migration from premise to Cloud
  • Enterprise Content management solutions, deployment, and support
  • DellEMC Storage Solutions, architecture, design, build, deployment, migration, and management
  • Assessments and studies of infrastructure for appropriate data containment strategies

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