Content Management and Document Capture

Generated and received documents need to be captured and controlled (such as; invoices, purchase orders, contact forms, bills of material), that need to fall under corporate governance, but can be a challenge to manage.  Documents and workflow are critical to the daily operations. Having an efficient means of capturing, maintaining, and timely retrieval of documents is essential success.

Leveraging proven technology from DocuWare and Opentext, Paradise Canyon can deliver solutions for;

  • Capture static documents in neutral formats that can be made intelligent
  • Collect active documents in their native format
  • Preserve, classify, and manage documents
  • Retrieve is easy to view formats
  • Deliver a manageable and searchable structure to fit and refit to the business demands
  • Enable user, group, departmental, and organizational collaboration,  and corporate governance control of data
  • Deliver intelligent and adaptable Workflow to allow for more efficient business and process management

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-Application Content Management-

(formerly ApplicationXtender)

  • Document and Data Content Capture and Management
  • Corporate Records Management Control
  • Automated, Batch, and Manual Capture and management and availability
  • Web and local client integrated application interfaces for end users and administrators
  • Policy and Workflow Controls of Access and authorization
  • Revision filing and control of files under management


  • Capture active and static documents and content
  • Collect, manage, and integrate content and documents in native and neutral formats
  • Interface with 3rd party solutions to capture external content
  • Indexing and search of contained and managed documents and files and metadata
  • Standalone file and document management and retrieval solution
  • Extensive Integrated Workflow Management to enable business management both downstream and upstream
  • Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Deployment options
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