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Content Management and Data Capture

  • Definitions

Content management solutions (also referred to as a document management) intake data through manual or automated workflow processes to classify the data to defined categories for future usage.  As data is ingested to the management the solution, metadata and control and classification attributes are recorded to a database service, that controls the access and usage of the data in the future.  The data under content control may also be stored within the database service for the management solution.

Capture management solutions (typically part of a content management solution) identify data that matches capture criteria and place into the appropriate location for the process or service to process.  Information captured can be electronic, but also may need to capture hard copy static documents and convert to an electronic form.

  • Use Cases

When more comprehensive document and content management solutions are needed, Paradise Canyon deploys solutions that provide classification and management of information, and then end user presentation and access of the data and documents under management.  The solutions that Paradise Canyon deploys in this need, typically also include the ability to capture static document formats (such as PDF and TIFF)  and even hard copy documents, and present those files back to user when requested.

A typical content and capture management solution of this category will entail;

  • A document capture and ingestion service and appropriate devices
  • Applications and services for capturing, collecting, classifying, and cataloging documents
  • A database that manages the overall solution and tracks all document captured and manages access
  • Storage for containing the data, developing search indices, work and temporary locations, and retrieval and presentation caching
  • An end user retrieval and presentation interface, either server based or individual client applications

  • Solution Deployment

A content management solution can require significant deployment and integration to be successful.  Deployment projects though will consider at least;

  • Review of data types, files formats, and location and distribution of content to be captured and contained
  • Investigation of applications and services that generate data for capture, and understanding of the applications and services that the captured content will be output too
  • Design of infrastructure to host the management solution
  • Change considerations that will be required of any in place infrastructure and applications
  • Workflow design from an intake and output perspective of data and content
  • Deploy initial core services and server build out
  • Installation and pilot testing of core operations and processes
  • Build out of the management solution with appropriate adjustments from testing and pilot
  • Appropriate end-user client deployment testing and preparation
  • As appropriate administrator, operator, and end-user training and supporting materials
  • Review of deployment and test and acceptance plan review and completion
  • Production readiness acceptance