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Backup and Recovery and Data Protection

  • Definition

Backup and Recovery Management in the current corporate climate is still a vital strategy to protection of information for assurance of business operations continuance. Leading edge solutions for backup and recovery must embrace;

  • Traditional data protection still kept within corporate boundaries from the desktop to the data center
  • Ensuring data stored in cloud solutions and services is backed up within the cloud to prevent accidental and intentional deletion
    • NOTE: unless a cloud provider specifically calls out backup and recovery capabilities within their Service Level Agreement, data is at risk of being lost or deleted
  • Expanded distribution of data to remote data centers, mobile workers that are no longer are office bound, and users that self-provision storage capabilities for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) usage
  • Instant on access to recovery ranging from corporate/organizational needs all the down and to the BYOD user in a self-service enabled capability

  • Use Cases

Paradise Canyon offers solutions that encompass the above issues and needs and will bring the most appropriate strategy to your backup and recovery needs to ensure recovery needs are met and satisfied.  Today's demands also require operations and control for backup and recovery operators to be available through secure remote and mobile connections.

  • ​Solution Deployment

A comprehensive backup management and data protection approach will need to consider critical business recovery operations for a successful deployment and production recovery operations;

  • Identify the critical systems, services, and data resources that must be protected
  • Determine the Recovery Point Objective (what must be recovered and to what level of service)
  • Determine the Recovery Time Objective (how long will recovery take place, and what time to recover is acceptable)
  • Develop the backup approach and recovery throughput required to fulfill RPO and RTO criteria
  • Design and deploy the solution that will fulfill requirements of the backup and recovery operations
  • Test and refine the solution
  • Train administrative and support staff on operations of the solution
  • Determine a test pattern and schedule to validate operations are performing correctly and to expectations
  • Document the solution, run events, and validations to be performed on a regular schedule