Delivering Solutions as a project

  • A project management approach is used in all professional services engagements to define the solution(s) and services to be performed
    • Collect information and details to define scope of solution
    • Analyze current needs
    • Design solution for delivery
    • Define goals, deliverables, and architecture requirements
    • Pre-installation validation and prepare for full implementation
    • Installation and production deployment preparation
    • Validation and Documentation of deployed solution
    • Production and daily operation transition
  • All services and projects will start with an on-site engineer to begin the installation and configuration of the solution and services.
    • All on-site services are performed at local time to the site. ​
  • ​Depending on the needs of the project, additional remote services will be put in place for continued integration, monitoring, and support.
    • Remote services will be performed at the time appropriate to the client needs and schedule

Technology Expertise driven, project oriented

Paradise Canyon Professional Services are coupled with the technology products offered to ensure a complete solution is delivered to our clients.  A Paradise Canyon solutions must bring positive value and impact to clients daily operations.  To deliver this promise and mission, Paradise Canyon engineers bring certified expertise and proven abilities to ensure a solution is completely delivered and implemented successfully.

Professional Services delivery

  • An appropriate Statement of Work, or other work order, will define a services engagement.
  • Working time of engagement is conducted in our clients local business hours of the site of services.
  • Services are delivered via on-site and off-site as appropriate to the needs of our clients.
  • All on-site and remote services will adhere to security, confidentiality policies, and work place practices of our clients.

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