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Archive and Data Migrations

  • Definition

Migration of data can be a daunting long running activity and project.  Data volumes are compounding exponentially in corporate infrastructure, increasing data center complexity.  Reasons for a migration can be influenced by numerous factors including any one or all of the following;

  • Acquisition, divestiture, consolidation, and expansion of a company or organization
  • Technology obsolescence of a product by a vendor, and/or advances in technology
  • Current solution constraints on capability or capacity
  • Internal and external (such as regulation or legal decree) influences to a company or organization that cause a change in policies to be complied with and adhered to
  • Changing user needs and operational integration

  • Use Cases

Paradise Canyon focuses principally on two categories of migrations;

  1. Migration between a source archive solution to a new archive service solution.Such migrations can involve aspects from data blocks, records, and files migrating from one archive to another, up to and including full user interaction translation.
  2. Data storage migration from one platform to another.  The typical data migration Paradise Canyon performs is from a content aware platform (such as EMC Centera) to another platform (a new Centera store, or to a SAN/NAS device).

Migration Considerations

The technical parameters of a migration will influence how a migration is to be performed.

  • Type of data movement to be conducted (bit/byte/block/file level moves)
  • Source data structure and storage
  • Target solution requirements and structure
  • Reformatting of any data in transit or at rest in the new service
  • Database record rewriting and tracking from simple summary to full chain of custody proof
  • Bandwidth and connection stability between source and target resources
  • Relative health and responsiveness of source and target resources

  • Solution delivery

Any migration requires careful planning and execution.  To project your most valuable data assets, Project Management due diligence will ensure the integrity of your data.  With deep and broad knowledge involving multiple archive and storage technologies, Paradise Canyon brings proven expertise to bear on your migration project to lessen impact to your daily business operations.  A migration project will involve several phases that Paradise Canyon will guide you through;

  • Determining the level of acceptable impact of change to the organization and daily business operations
  • Assessing the current data and resources in place to contain the data
  • Designing an appropriate migration strategy and technology and staff resource plan
  • Understanding impact to infrastructure and end user access during and after a migration
  • Establishing validation and process testing
  • Conducting initial migration and stress testing of the migration
  • Developing production migration processing of data and users
  • Performing the migration and monitoring progress and regular interval progress reports
  • Completion and validation of the production migration and reporting to fulfill proof of migration
  • Decommission of the migration infrastructure and solution and close out of the migration
  • Readiness and acceptance testing and validation in preparation of return to production operations