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Training Services for EMC SourceOne

Paradise Canyon has developed and offers DellEMC Sanctioned and Certified training for three of the five major SourceOne modules.  These courses are delivered via on-premise classroom and labs.  Effective training for the solutions enables our clients to be more productive in their day to day email administration and discovery operations. For availability and pricing please contact Paradise Canyon Sales or your DellEMC Account Manager.

​​​SourceOne Supervisor –

2 days

The SourceOne Supervisor course is designed for Compliance Officers, Regulatory Reviewers and Senior IT Management.

SourceOne Supervisor is a comprehensive monitoring solution for random sampling, defined search lexicons, auditing and review of transmitted and received email.  Messages of interest are flagged to Supervisor users for regulatory and/or compliance requirements.

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to Supervisor
  • Purpose, Architecture, and Concepts
  • ​Exploring the Supervisor Interface
  • Defining Policies and Workflow (Addressing, Flagging, Review, Policy Configuration)
  • Lexicons and Queries
  • Develop and Configure Supervisory Codes
  • Configuring and adding domains and groups
  • Configuring Registered Documents and Exclusions 
  • Reviewer Groups
  • Creating Administrative and Reviewer Reports
  • Reviewing, sampling, and managing messages
  • Opening messages and attachments
  • Applying actions and workflow
  • Using Review Reports​
  • Q&A, Recap, Review

​​​​SourceOne Discovery Manager

2 days

This course is intended for Para-legal, Attorneys, Senior HR Staff and Senior IT (CxO) staff that will conduct enterprise level search within SourceOne Discovery Manager.

SourceOne Discovery Manager is a comprehensive early case assessment solution for archived data. Participants of this course will become proficient in how to create and assign users, create matters and develop case structure, search and collect data. Special consideration of how to assign data to legal hold, export of collected data, matter workflow, use and understanding of use and audit trails, data tagging, and closure of matters.

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to Discovery Manger
  • Launching Discovery Manager
  • Users & Roles
  • Identity Management
  • Tag Management
  • Matter Management
  • Collection Management
  • Reviewing Matter
  • Exporting Selected Items
  • Finalizing Matter
  • Q&A, Recap, and Review

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SourceOne For Administrators

Admin (2 Days) + Reports & audits (3 Days)

This course is intended for the day to day Administrators, Operators and Infrastructure Managers of SourceOne.  Installation and Upgrades of SourceOne are not covered in this course.

The attendee will learn how to navigate the SourceOne administration console, develop an archive, define operational parameters and usage of the archive, enable and use search capabilities, diagnose problems and locate SourceOne logs for support, and perform maintenance operations for the protection of the archive.

Course Agenda

  • SourceOne Architecture & Concepts
  • Administration Console
  • Configuring Archives
  • Organizational Policies & Archives
  • Managing Servers
  • Maintaining SourceOne
  • SourceOne Backup Considerations
  • Automatic Disposition
  • Debugging & Troubleshooting
  • Load Balancing SourceOne
  • Key SourceOne Services
  • SourceOne Search
  • Q&A and Course Recap Review


Reports & Audits is an extension to the SourceOne for Administrators course.

Course Agenda

  • SourceOne Reports access
  • Reports review and usage
  • Log files locations
  • Increasing Logging levels
  • Auditing of reports and logs
  • Auditing SourceOne processing