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DATA PROTECTION (Backup/Recovery) for the cloud with Spanning

Data in the cloud is important and it still needs to be protected from accidental and/or intentional deletion.  The Office 365 and Google service level agreements ensure that services will be available and best efforts made to restore data after a failure.  SLA's do not explicitly guarantee protection of data from service failures, or from users deleting data.  This is where Spanning solves a critical business need, backing up that cloud based data.  Spanning is a secure cloud based backup solution to back up Office 365 and Google Apps.

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MIGRATe To the Cloud with TransVault migrator and sprint

Users want their data in the cloud just as they have in on-premise services.  Migration tools, from vendors such as TransVault, are used to migrate critical data from current email services and email archive sources.  Migration solutions and services from Paradise Canyon are performed in a controlled, audited, and validated method.  Migration can be done as direct migrations from source data into the cloud, or can be performed utilizing disk shipment processes.  They key is making sure the data is complete and available, and Paradise Canyon is the partner to help you get there.

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Office 365 and G-Suite represent dynamic technology shifts for businesses today. Cloud based suites of technologies that deliver messaging and collaboration capabilities as well as daily use business productivity applications for word processing, spreadsheet and analysis, presentations, and more.  Office 365 and G-Suite are hosted in vendor data centers and services to relieve the demands on IT Operations to maintain servers and storage for such services and applications.  

Office 365 can be maintained solely in the cloud, or used in variety of hybrid, private, and public cloud deployments, and as needed integrated with on-premise data center operations to fit changing business demands.

G-Suite (mostly known for GMail) is a cloud based solution for business productivity needs.  Availability to end user and administrators is via a web browser.