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Storage Infrastructure

  • Definitions

Storage in the current corporate workplace can be highly centralized and/or highly distributed.  Storage infrastructure strategies must embrace ever changing user expectations that encompass all modes of storage that includes;

  • On-premise resources, both centralized and distributed within organizational boundaries
  • Multi-site, highly available between Data Centers and beyond
  • Integrating private, public, and hybrid cloud storage for a seamless user and application experience
  • Growth of data volumes and file types to be stored

  • Use Cases

In today's world, data volumes, inside even the smallest of organizations, is on the order of Terabytes.  Enterprise infrastructures are fast pushing into multiple Petabyte and Exabyte ranges and beyond.  Market studies continue to show all trends of data growth is upward and accelerating.  Every organization will experience growing storage demand.  The goal therefore should be to have a Storage Strategy that delivers productivity to the organization and allows for changing business usage conditions and adapt to those changes.

  • Solution Delivery

Paradise Canyon is partnered with Dell EMC as the leading storage technology provider in the information technology market today.  Dell EMC storage solutions span all aspects and needs of corporate storage and data management;

  • Enterprise storage solutions from the data center to the desktop
    • SAN, NAS, Content Aware, De-Duplication, Controlled Replication, Redundancy
  • Management and provisioning interfaces for homogeneous and heterogeneous storage management
  • Virtualization of resources
  • Integration and enablement of private, public and hybrid cloud usage and needs
  • Security and protection of data from intrusion and accidental loss and malicious attacks
  • Backup, Recovery, and Business continuity capabilities

Dell EMC is the global leader in storage infrastructure solutions, will ensure your data is stored where it needs to be stored, and is available when it needs to be available.  For these reasons and more, Paradise Canyon is proud to be an Dell EMC Partner.  Your success is our success.