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  • Definition

A data archive is an active repository intended to capture and contain digital information at an organizational management level.  Archive solutions today are available for on-premise, hosted, and cloud based needs.  Paradise Canyon will be an active partner with you to deploy and leverage the solution that best fits your needs.

  • Use Cases

How archives have been used (but not limited to);

  • Collection, de-duplication, compression, retention, disposition, and maintenance of loosely structured and unmanaged data, to become a long term controlled reference and retrieval point of data

    • Once under archive, replacement of original files with a smaller shortcut to reference the archive
    • Typical data types for archive capture include;
      • Email messages and attachments
      • Files and data stored in centralized and decentralized drives and stores
      • SharePoint content that is not under managed control
  • Enabling, enacting, enforcing, and proving organizational governance policies on corporately controlled data
    • An effective governance policy (as influenced by internal needs and/or external regulatory and governmental controls) should be defined by an organization
  • Satisfying requests of compliance to governance, regulatory,legal statutes and orders, and litigation response requirements
  • Deep keyword index and search as a retrievable repository of data servicing multiple business needs
  • Early case assessment resource and search solution for legal and regulatory purposes
  • End user search and retrieval portals and applications for self-service enablement

  • Solution Delivery

An archive deployment project delivered by Paradise Canyon consists of at least the following project requirements;

  • Review of data sources and locations to be archived
    • Assess the needs of the organization to determine effective use needs to be developed into policy
  • Review of archive and retention policies needed for deployment as appropriate
  • Design of an appropriate infrastructure to support the daily demands of the archive
  • Deploy initial core services and server build out
  • Installation and testing of core archive operations and processes
  • Build out an expansion of the archive to the design
  • Appropriate end-user client deployment testing and preparation
  • Deployment of appropriate archive and retention policies
  • As appropriate administrator, e-discovery (corporate and legal researchers), and end-user training and supporting materials
  • Review of deployment and test and acceptance plan review and completion
  • Production readiness acceptance